Online Spring 2021 Dance Classes

ICanDance! Online Classes

From our home to your home....We want to bring constancy, continuity and JOY to our students and their families during this period of physical distancing due to COVID-19.  Especially for families who choose to learn from home as we re-open during COVID, we will continue providing our online dance classes via ZOOM this Fall.🌻  


All online classes are $12 CAN each, plus g.s.t. and booking fees.  However, we want everyone to be able to participate regardless of financial circumstances.  So, if you need help in this area, please e-mail Ms. Marni, Artistic Director at and we will help.🌻  


These virtual classes are open to everyone:  Homeschool learners, DL students, in-school students who want to limit their social bubbles.  Come join us!!!🌻  

Note:  You will receive specific class info and ZOOM password/link the evening before your class.

If you need help with enrolment or if your Distributive Learning Academy has special registration instructions, feel free to email:🌻


Registration Open Now!

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Online Class Descriptions/Offerings


ICD! All On Broadway! - Musical Theatre🌷

Currently available for ages 6-12

Come dance and sing to popular Broadway show tunes. All great prep for the world of musical theatre and performing arts! ICanDance! instructors bring smiles to all as they share their energy, talent and enthusiasm in this multi-genre class. Dance styles include ballet, contemporary, tap, and pop fusion.

ICD! Ballet🌷

Currently available for ages 5-7 and 8-12

Curriculum, designed by Marni Robson, integrates several sensory modalities that promote your child's brain development and enhances their gross motor skills. Focus is on FUN and developing your child's love of dance and music while learning ballet technique and terminology.  Parents are invited to participate and help correct technique!

ICD! Chinese Traditional Dance🌷

Currently available for ages 6-12

Chinese dance, composed of Chinese classical and folk dance, is one of the most beautiful and moving elements of China’s cultural heritage.  Dancers express emotions and inner experiences in the interpretation of music through movement, facial expressions and postures.  Beginners mainly focus on cultivating interest, and the approach is flexible, drawing on children’s inherent love of moving and dancing.  To learn this multicultural art form, come join us and take first steps in appreciating the diverse styles of Chinese traditional dance.  Your child will enjoy our joyful and inspiring instructor, Ms. Kelly, who has been studying and performing since childhood.

ICD! Dance Chance! Sampler - Multi-genre🌷

Currently available for ages 5-7, 8-12

Dancers, here's your chance to sample ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz/hip hop/Kpop and STOMPnKIDZ (drumming & dancing) all in one class. All great prep for the world of musical theatre and performing arts!

ICD! Floor Barre: Stretch and Strengthening🌷

Currently available for ages 6-12

Join Ms. Natasha for a gentle dancer's conditioning and stretch class! Dancers of all levels use floor barre to strengthen and support their bodies without balancing or weight bearing on their feet. The movements are modifiable, and no ballet background is required, though we will focus on ballet language and technique. Have your yoga mat ready, and as an option: yoga block, cushion, tubing or theraband and a towel if you like!

ICD! GroovaRoo Babywearing Dance Online🌷

For Parents & Caregivers with Babies ages 2 mos. and older

Join the babywearing dance craze sweeping over North America and dance heart-to-heart with your little one! Feel JOY by connecting with your baby, your inner-self and community.  Marni Robson is a certified GroovaRoo Dance™ instructor.  She has been trained in baby wearing safety for dance activities and has approval to use GroovaRoo Dance™ choreography and trademarks under license. Please obtain your care provider’s approval and bring your own ergonomic baby carrier.

ICD! Kidz Pop Fusion🌷

ICD! Preteen Pop Fusion🌷

Currently available for ages 5-7, 8-12

Update: we have changed the names of our hip hop classes to better reflect the genres being explored. Our Kidz/Preteen Pop Fusion classes cover fundamentals for jazz, hip-hop, Kpop dance, and other contemporary commercial styles!  Fun, funky moves to the latest kid-friendly Western and K-Pop hits.  Get groovin' while building coordination and flexibility!