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Fall 2022
Online Dance Classes

ICanDance! Virtual Classes

From our home to your home....We want to bring constancy and JOY to our students and their families.  Especially for families who choose to learn from home, we will continue providing our online dance classes via ZOOM.🌻  

Winter/Spring term is OCT 13 - DEC 15

🌻  A total of 8 weekly sessions

🌻 No classes:  Nov 3, Dec 8  (instructor away).

🌻 Fee:  $120.12 includes registration fee and 5% g.s.t.

45-minute virtual classes are $13 CAN each, plus g.s.t. and booking fees. However, we want everyone to be able to participate regardless of financial circumstances.  So, if you need help in this area, please e-mail Ms. Marni, Artistic Director at 🌻  


These virtual classes are open to everyone:  Homeschool learners, DL students, in-school students who want to learn to dance comfortably at home.  Come join us!!!🌻  

Note:  You will receive specific class info and ZOOM password/link the evening before your class.

If you need help with enrolment, if your Distributive Learning Academy has special registration instructions, if you need us to bill your DL Academy directly, feel free to email:🌻


Registration Open Now!


Online Class Descriptions/Offerings

ICD! Dance Chance! Sampler - Multi-genre🌷

Currently available for ages 5-7, 8-12

Dancers, here's your chance to sample Pop Fusion/Kpop, Ballet, and Contemporary all in one class. All great prep for the world of musical theatre and performing arts!  Come join us!

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