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Preschool Ballet

Beautiful movement and childhood joy spring to life in this remarkable and nurturing learning environment. ICanDance! instructors create dance magic using sparkly costumes, props, songs and stories. Children build self-confidence, discover musicality and express themselves through dance.  Curriculum, designed by Marni Robson, integrates several sensory modalities that promote your child's brain development and enhances their gross motor skills. 


We continue to follow health and safety protocol in compliance with BC Public Health guidelines.   Looking forward to seeing you soon and having FUN together!🌻🌻🌻 



Busy Bee Ballet  (Parent & Tot)



Leaping Ladybug Ballet


Butterfly Ballet

School Age Ballet

ICanDance! studio-prep programs are stepping stones into the dance world. In a nurturing and noncompetitive learning environment, ICanDance! instructors spark dance magic using songs, props and costumes. Your child builds their confidence while gracefully learning dance vocabulary and movement phrasing. Student:teacher ratios ensure one-on-one technical attention.  

We are offering both online and in-person classes.  For in-person classes, we adhere to capacity limits to ensure effective physical distancing.  We follow our COVID safety protocol in compliance with BC Public Health guidelines.  Please arrive 10-minutes early for check-in and please wear your mask during check-in to keep our instructors healthy, too.  Looking forward to seeing you soon and having some FUN...physically distant, but socially together!🌻🌻🌻 

Dragonfly Ballet

Firefly Ballet

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