Mixed Bag Multi-Genre

4-5yrs, 5-8yrs or 8-12yrs

Dance Chance! Sampler

Dancers, here's your chance to sample ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz/hip hop/Kpop and STOMPnKIDZ all in one class. All great prep for the world of musical theatre and performing arts!

4-5yrs, 5-8yrs or 8-12yrs

All On Broadway!

Come dance and sing to popular Broadway show tunes. All great prep for the world of musical theatre and performing arts! ICanDance! instructors bring smiles to all as they share their energy, talent and enthusiasm in this multi-genre class. 

4-5yrs or 5-8yrs

All About Mermaids!

Discover the magical and mysterious underwater being...the mermaid! Learn all about mermaids while dancing, singing, and listening to stories. Dance styles included are ballet, tap, contemporary and hula.  Come join the splash!

As we re-open during COVID, we are offering both online and in-person classes.  For in-person classes, we adhere to capacity limits to ensure effective physical distancing.  We follow our COVID safety protocol in compliance with BC Public Health guidelines.  Please arrive 10-minutes early for check-in and please wear your mask during check-in to keep our instructors healthy, too.  Looking forward to seeing you soon and having some FUN...physically distant, but socially together!🌻🌻🌻 


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